About Me

Here’s some basic info you should know about me:

Birthday: November 9th
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 380
Bra Size: 44J
Measurements: 44J-52-68
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Tattoos: 1 per wrist
Piercings: Both ears
Skin: Smooth
Lips: Full
Feet: Beautifully pedicured
Hands: Exquisitely manicured
Pussy: Shaved and tight
Dress: 24/26 or 3/4x
Shirt: 24/26 or 3/4x
Pants: 24/26 or 3/4x
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Fetishes: Spanking, Domination, Facesitting

Favorites Things

Color: Purple and Black
Foods: Mexican, Lebanese & Italian
Drink: Sweet Tea, Long Island Iced Tea & Jager
Song: Carry Out (Timbaland & Justin Timberlake)
Movie: Wedding Crashers (Comedy & Romantic comedy)
Website: Twitter, DesireeDevine.com & DesireeUncut.com
Cities: Seattle, Hollywood, Miami, Tampa, Hotlanta, New York, Vegas
Flowers: Calla Lilies, Roses (Fire & Ice Roses are my favorite) and Orchids
Scent: Roberto Verino, Hanae Mori (Pink Butterfly) & Burberry (oval bottle), Chance by Chanel
Activities: Shopping, Nightlife, Burlesque

Outstanding Features: Soul piercing blue eyes, lusciously full lips, beautifully pedicured feet, exquisitely manicured hands, soft velvety fair skin, a Rubenesque body that’s supple and full of curves and much more.

Things That Make Me Shiver: Morris Chestnut, Tyrese, Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Music, Burlesque, Nightlife, Porn, Adult Entertainment, Thunderstorms, Walking In The Rain, Touch, Massage, Kink, Fetish, Domination, Soulful Eyes, Sincerity and Honesty.

What I look for in a man: Sense of humor, caring, generous, outgoing, motivated, successful, intelligent, and good smelling!

What I DO NOT like in a man: Poor personal hygiene, bad breath, arrogance, body odor or bitchassness!

Absolute No-No’s: Scat, Blood, Elderly, Children and Animals