I feel weird about hiring a mistress…
There’s a common misconception that the only men who hire professionals are guys who can’t get dates in other ways. Nothing could be further from the truth: a good 90 to 95% of my clients don’t “need” to hire anyone. It’s true. Most of my clients are attractive, intelligent, nicely-built, well-socialized guys who could find companionship any where they wanted, any night of the week, but they sometimes have a side to them that makes it uncomfortable to share with a “normal” life partner.

So why do they hire? The short answer is because they know they’re worth it… but let me dig a little deeper for you.

First off, there’s the sheer economics of it. Once you add up the expenses involved in your average Saturday night fishing expedition (dinner, drinks, parking, entertainment, etc.) your total is going to come pretty close to what it costs to hire a mistress, if not more.

There’s also the “no muss, no fuss” factor: you’re a busy guy and you don’t have all day (or all night) to mess around looking for someone to accompany you to that special dinner party. With me you make the arrangements, we go out or stay in, we have great conversation and spend quality time without judgement, and that’s the end of it.

You hire professionals to work on your car and paint your kitchen precisely the way you want, don’t’ you? Well what’s wrong with bringing in an intimacy consultant when the need arises?

All of which is to say that there’s nothing wrong with spending a little dough to get exactly what you want, when where and how you want it. You might not need to hire someone to go with you to the office Christmas party, or a strong Amazonian woman to beat you senseless… but when you want someone to help you with those things.

What type of domination do you offer?
I offer everything from sensual domination to extreme humiliation, cbt, torture and punishment. I can be sweet or severely sadistic.

Are you independent?
Absolutely… I’d have it no other way!

Is it really YOU in the photographs?
Yes, it really is! If you would like to verify you can go to my members site www.DesireeDevine.com and check my updates for the most up to date images of me. Also feel free to Google me!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash is preferred, but I accept Visa, MC, Amex and Discover. NO personal checks please.

Do you offer water sports?
Yes I do but I do tend to get a little stage-fright sometimes. There is an additional donation required.

Do you offer bareback?
No chance, safety is imperative so please don’t even ask. I often get the comment that I do bareback in movies and my answer to that is; In the adult industry we get a full panel STD test monthly via AIM or Talent Testing. Even if that was not the case, it is MY decision who I do or do not choose to have unprotected sex with so please respect my right of choice.

Do you see couples?
Yes as long as it is understood that I am not bi.

How do I schedule?
I prefer a call from an unblocked number, I do not answer blocked calls. You can also email or text me, but I require a phone call to confirm.

Do you offer incalls?
Yes. I have a private residence or I may have a room in a 3+ star hotel.

Do you offer outcalls?
Yes, but ONLY after I have seen you on an incall basis at least once to make sure I feel safe. There is an additional $30 donation required for outcall.

Do you offer dinner dates?
Yes as long as it is understood that the price of the meal does not substitute nor discount the donation for my time.

Do you work with other girls?
Yes. I do, on occasion travel and work with other girls.

Do you accept gifts?
Yes. Gifts are never required nor expected, but if you would like to bring me a gift I will always accept it with gratitude and delight. I adore lingerie, beautiful jewelry, fresh flowers, perfume… all the typical things that make the eyes of any lady sparkle with joy and appreciation.

Are you discreet?
Very! I have clientele from A list celebrities to Corporate Executives. Your privacy is as important to me as my own. I do not wish to draw any type of unnecessary attention.

Can I film with or photograph you?
Yes, for “private” collections only. Filming, in addition to the hourly donation, it is an extra $200 for 30 mins of footage or for up to 100 images it is an extra $100. I can provide a photographer/videographer with advance notice.

How will you be dressed for our date?
I always dress appropriately for the occasion and setting. Please let me know if you have any specific preferences as to my appearance. My personal style is casual and I will never appear indiscreet in public.

Do you offer overnight bookings?
Yes, with advance notice and scheduling.

Are your prices negotiable?
No. Any attempt to negotiate or ask for a discount is gauche and will be grounds for refusal of service. Please find a provider within your means if my rates are too much for your budget. My rates are very fair for the high class service that I provide.

Do you sell your worn panties?
Yes. They are $25 with a paid session. I also sell them online for $25 each. Click here to purchase a pair now!

Do you sell your worn bras?
Yes. Due to the size and quality of the bras I purchase I sell them for $100. I will include a custom photoset wearing the bra for an additional $20. Email me to purchase a bra now!

Do you offer Greek?

Why won’t you return my calls or messages?
I never call a number back unless I have been given express permission. I also have the capability to block any unwanted correspondence. If you have been rude, disrespectful or just plain irritating I will block your phone number, email, IM, social apps, etc. I have a zero tolerance policy for ignorance.

If you have any questions that were not answered here please feel free to contact me!